We are excited to report that since the last update on our Future Directions process, much progress has been made! There are many, many people and levels to work with on these large scale changes. Progress may seem slow to observers, but it is gratifying to share with you that much activity is going on. Outcomes of all these efforts will be made available when the work has been completed – likely in late June or July. Below is a brief update on activities to date.

Area Church Meetings
Four of five Area Church gatherings are now complete. In all of them there was a presentation on the proposal to the entire gathering. Feedback was provided through open conversation in the large groups, small group discussion at tables, and breakout groups. The notes from these gatherings are  being collated and fed into the next draft of the proposal.

Working Groups
Working Groups and their terms of reference have been established. All of the Working Groups have already met several times and are going about their work of imagining in more concrete terms what the A Proposal for Revitalizing MC Canada: A Working Document might look like. Working Group feedback is anticipated in May.

Emerging Voices Initiative
A cross Canada tour by the Emerging Voices Initiative (EVI) has been completed. They have posted an update and information here. EVI hosted 9 gatherings in 8 cities. The feedback they gathered will help shape the next version of the proposal. The Interim Council offers a big Thank You to EVI for their commitment and work.

Financial Planning
Giving data from across all the area churches and MC Canada, together with MC Canada expenses, is being collected for further analysis.  This will be used by the Executive Staff Group for initial financial planning purposes.

Coming up…

  • Developing models for financial sharing.
  • Collecting and collating feedback received from Area Church gatherings, Working Groups, the EVI tour, and other groups and individuals.
  • Imagining the systems needed to ensure diversity in the leadership structures.
  • Developing the next version of the structure proposal.
  • Developing a ministry programme proposal.
  • Circulating the updated proposal to Area Church boards.
  • Start drafting new by-laws and plan the transition steps that will need to be taken before and after the Special Assembly.

Keith Regehr, Transition Coordinator on behalf of the Interim Council
March 2017