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Dear Congregational Leaders and Church Boards,
At the Mennonite Church Canada Assembly 2016, delegates passed the Future Directions Task Force final report and addendum that calls for a reimagining of how we are church together locally and nationally.

Significant to this recommendation is that the five area churches (MCBC, MCA, MC Sask, MCM, MCEC) will covenant together in re-shaping our national body and implementing what is essential to our national identity and mission. The moderators of these five area churches and the moderator and vice moderator of MC Canada have been appointed to form the Interim Council with overall responsibility for the transition phase.

To guide us in this process, we are pleased to announce that Keith Regehr of the L3 Group has been called to the position of Transition Coordinator. Keith has skills and experience in leading processes to re-shape congregational identity, mission and direction, and participative management systems. Keith is also a managing partner with L3 Consulting Group formerly known as ARC Ministries – Associates Resourcing Churches. Keith will have access to multiple resources and experienced colleagues, including Betty Pries, whom many of you will know. Keith is a member of First Mennonite Church in Kitchener, Ont., is married to Arli Klassen and has 2 adult children. He is looking forward to working with the Transition Team, Area /National Church executive staff and moderators.

IMPORTANT: As we move into this period of transition, the ministries of Mennonite Church Canada and each Area Church will continue. It is vital that congregations maintain, or if possible increase, current giving levels so that this transition into an even greater and deeper ownership of Christ’s call to our church(es) can be a success.

It is important we do this together. We are developing opportunities for engagement of congregations or individuals with the transition process. For more information or to give feedback you can contact us or an area or national church staff, email or explore this site.